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Camus conference 2013


9.30am - 5.30pm

  • 2 day conference
  • International speakers

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Journal of Camus Studies | JCS

Journal of Camus Studies

The Journal of Camus Studies

Formerly the Journal of the Albert Camus Society, the JCS is published annually and is available in print or as an ebook. For more information on purchasing or contributing visit the Camus Journal page.

Articles for the Camus Society website| Submission guidelines

Unlike the papers in the Journal of Camus Studies, articles published on the website are intended for the general public. They should be relatively brief, 500-2000 words (although there is no maximum word limit). Authors should avoid academic jargon and consider their readers to have a good general knowledge of Camus and his work.

Sample topics for articles:

  • Difficulties in adapting Camus' work for the stage;
  • How Camus' name and ideas are used in the media;
  • How Camus is studied (or not) in schools and universities;
  • A brief overview of how Camus treats particular ideas in his work, i.e. friendship, religion;
  • A brief comparison of Camus and another thinker;
  • A brief overview of different perspectives from which Camus can be read, i.e. feminist, Christian, etc.

Submitting the article

In the first instance email with your idea (for example: an 800 word article on Camus and Friendship; a 100 word review of Bataille's critique of The Rebel, etc.). You will then be given details on how to submit the completed article. The article will be reviewed by two members of the Society. The outcome will be:

  • Accepted without revision
  • Conditionally accepted
  • Rejected

Works of fiction, poetry

We do not accept works any works of fiction. Please do not send in excerpts from novels, short stories, play or film scripts, poetry, etc.

Links in your article

You may post two links per article.

You may not post affiliate links.

You may not link to pages that have nothing to do with the article or Camus, for example: a review site of MP3 players.

You may not link to pages that recommend illegal or dubious practices, for example: how to download pirated material or links to essay and/or dissertation writing services.

You may not link to pages that the average person would find offensive.

You may not link to pages that contain spyware, malware, viruses, or any kind of malicious software.

Article length

Articles should be a minimum of 500 words. There is no maximum length.

Names and pseudonyms

You must put a name to the article. In most cases this will be your name however if for some reason you publish material online under a pseudonym (pen name) you may use that. If the article has been previously published elsewhere you must use the same name that it was published under.


You retain the copyright and can re-publish the article wherever you like. However, if you have previously published this article elsewhere, for example on your own website, let us know.

See also: journal submission guidelines

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